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Babino Polje village is the biggest village and it is located in the centre part of the island. Village was established at the most plentiful area under the peak Veliki Grad – 512m. Around the village are gardens, olive trees and vineyards. Sobra is the harbor of village and is located at the north coast.

The one of the most important places at island is cave Pecina jama, called also Odisejv spilja (Odeysseus cave), which is located at the south coast under the village. The sun rice, which broke above the sea level, create amazing colorful rainbow. The first information about the village is from year 1222. The church of St. Andrija from 10th and 11th was rebuilt in the 14th century. The present church of St. Vlaho is from 15th century.
Island  Mljet - Sight of Babino PoljeIsland Mljet - Sight of Babino Polje
Sight of Babino Polje
Babino Polje - Small Lady Of Hill chapelBabino Polje - Small Lady Of Hill chapel
Small Lady Of Hill chapel